Pinot Meow Net Worth 2023 Shark Tank

Pinot Meow Net Worth 2023 Shark Tank
Pinot Meow Net Worth 2023 Shark Tank
Learn about Pinot Meow's net worth in 2023 following their appearance on Shark Tank. Get insights into their financial standing and success after the show.

What is Pinot Meow?

What is Pinot Meow?
What is Pinot Meow?

“Pinot Meow” is a playful term used to refer to Apollo Peak’s line of pet-friendly wines for cats. It’s a clever twist on the name of a popular human beverage, “Pinot Noir,” but tailored specifically for feline companions.

Apollo Peak Profile
Company Name Apollo Peak
Net Worth Estimated at least $650,000 per year
Business Model Crafting and selling pet-friendly wines; expanding into plush and chew toys for pets
Founded Founded by Brandon Zavala
Year Appeared Appeared on Shark Tank Season 8, Episode 20
Investment Initially sought $100,000 for 10% equity; eventually secured $100,000 for 20% equity from Kevin O’Leary
Product Range Offers pet wines for both dogs and cats, along with plush and chew toys
Expansion Diversified product line to include dog wine with a chicken broth base
Current Status Still in operation, with sustained growth and ongoing product development

Pinot Meow Net Worth 2023 Shark Tank

Pinot Meow Net Worth 2023 Shark Tank
Pinot Meow Net Worth 2023 Shark Tank

As per various trusted sources, Apollo Peak’s net worth is estimated to be substantial, with earnings reaching at least $650,000 per year. Their business model revolves around crafting and selling pet-friendly wines, along with expanding into related products like plush toys and chew toys for pets.

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Shark Tank Appearance

Shark Tank Appearance
Shark Tank Appearance

As a Shark Tank viewer, I was drawn to Brandon Zavala’s pitch for Apollo Peak, a unique line of “wines” made for cats and dogs.

It was interesting to hear how Brandon started the business in 2015 to offer a safe treat alternative for pets, inspired by his cat Apollo’s mysterious disappearance.

During the pitch, it was funny to see Brandon’s cat ignore the wine, making some Sharks question its appeal.

But Brandon’s impressive sales figures – $192,000 in the past three months – showed Apollo Peak’s potential in the pet beverage market.

The negotiation got intense, with Kevin and Daymond making offers. Brandon eventually struck a deal with Kevin for $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake. Unfortunately, the deal didn’t go through.

Despite the setback, I was impressed to hear that Brandon expanded Apollo Peak’s product line to include “dog wine” and pet toys. As of October 2023, the company is still running strong with estimated earnings of $500,000 to $1 million per year.

As a viewer, I’m excited to see how Apollo Peak continues to grow and innovate, and I admire Brandon’s perseverance through challenges.

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Founder Story

Brandon Zavala, the founder of Apollo Peak, started his journey with a simple yet clever idea: making “wines” for cats and dogs.

Inspired by his own cat, Apollo, Brandon wanted to give pet owners a fun way to treat their furry friends. He named the company after Apollo, who vanished for two years, adding a personal touch to the brand.

Using natural ingredients like catnip and beet juice, Brandon created a range of pet-friendly wines. Despite facing doubts, he used smart online strategies to spread the word about Apollo Peak.

With catchy names like “Pinot Meow” and “CharDOGnay,” the brand quickly gained attention from pet owners.

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Are they still in business?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Apollo Peak kept going strong. Despite the deal falling through, founder Brandon Zavala stayed committed to growing the business.

They expanded their product line to include “dog wine” and started selling plush toys and chew toys for pets.

Yes, Apollo Peak is still active in the pet beverage industry. You can find their products on their website: Pet Wine Shop

Social Media Profiles

You can follow Apollo Peak on their social media profiles:

These profiles provide updates and insights into Apollo Peak’s products and activities.

Frequently Asked Quetsions

What is Apollo Peak?

Apollo Peak is a company that creates pet-friendly wines and treats for cats and dogs.

Are Apollo Peak products safe for pets?

Yes, all Apollo Peak products are made with natural ingredients that are safe for pets to consume.

Where can I buy Apollo Peak products?

You can purchase Apollo Peak products on their website, Amazon, and at various pet stores across the USA.

What flavors do Apollo Peak wines come in?

Apollo Peak offers a variety of flavors for both cats and dogs, including “Pinot Meow” and “CharDOGnay.”

Is Apollo Peak still in business?

Yes, Apollo Peak is still active and continues to create innovative products for pets.

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