Roi Shlomo Net Worth, Yogli Mogli, Age & Wife

Roi Shlomo Net Worth
Roi Shlomo Net Worth
Explore Roi Shlomo's net worth, the achievements of Yogli Mogli, his age, and insights into his personal life, including information about his wife. Get all the details in one place.

Who is Roi Shlomo?

In a world where personal privacy is often a rare commodity, Israeli entrepreneur Roi Shlomo remains an enigmatic figure. Born in 1980 in Israel, he has carefully shielded his early life and family details from the media’s prying eyes.

He ventured into the world of entrepreneurship in 2008, founding Yogli Mogli and eventually becoming a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience.

Beyond his business acumen, Roi Shlomo is also a single parent to a daughter, whose name he keeps confidential. His Instagram account offers glimpses of their heartwarming moments, and he has used the platform to extend support to those who may struggle with holidays like Father’s Day.

How much is Roi Shlomo’s Net Worth?

Roi Shlomo Net Worth
Roi Shlomo Net Worth

Roi Shlomo’s estimated net worth is around $5.3 million. He accumulated his wealth primarily through his entrepreneurial ventures. Starting in 2008 with the founding of Yogli Mogli, Roi embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur.

Over the years, he expanded his business interests, successfully establishing multiple businesses and gaining over a decade of valuable experience.

What is Yogli Mogli?

Yogli Mogli is a frozen yogurt cafe chain founded by Roi Shlomo. It offers a range of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings, allowing customers to create their own custom frozen yogurt desserts.

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Personal Life

Roi Shlomo maintains a highly private personal life, keeping details about his family and upbringing undisclosed.

He is a single parent to a daughter, whose name remains private, and occasionally shares heartfelt moments on Instagram.

While rumors about his relationship with TV personality Kenya Moore have circulated, neither party has officially confirmed or denied the speculations.

Age & DOB

Roi Shlomo’s birth year is 1980, which means he is presently 43 years old in 2023. While the specific date of his birth remains undisclosed, this basic information gives us insight into his age.

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What is Roi Shlomo’s net worth?

Roi Shlomo’s estimated net worth is approximately $5.3 million.

Is Roi Shlomo married?

No, he is not married.

Does Roi Shlomo have children?

Yes, he is a single parent to a daughter, whose name he has chosen to keep confidential.

What is Roi Shlomo’s connection to Kenya Moore?

Recent rumors have suggested a romantic connection between Roi Shlomo and TV personality Kenya Moore, although neither has officially confirmed or denied this.

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