Gideon Lang Laddie Net Worth, Age, Parents, Mother

Gideon Lang Laddie Net Worth
Lets explore information about Gideon Lang Laddie Net Worth, Age, Parents, And Mother.

Who is Gideon Lang Laddie?

Who is Gideon Lang Laddie?
Who is Gideon Lang Laddie?

Gideon Lang Laddie is a seasoned finance and real estate professional with over 20 years of experience. He’s the Founder of Lima Squared Advisors and currently works as an Agent at The Agency RE in Beverly Hills.

Gideon, a Bachelor’s degree holder in Finance, has held key roles in organizations like MF Global and ESP Technologies.

In addition to his career, he founded Prostate 1000 for prostate health awareness. Gideon holds certifications including a Sales Licensee from the Bureau of Real Estate and various FINRA certifications.

Name:Gideon Lang Laddie
Net Worth:$5.7 Million
Profession:Finance and Real Estate Professional
Founder:Lima Squared Advisors
Current Position:Agent at The Agency RE, Beverly Hills
Education:Bachelor’s in Finance, Royal Agricultural University
Certifications:Sales Licensee (Bureau of Real Estate), FINRA Series 17, 63, 7 (CE), SFDR Securities and Financial Derivatives Representative
Community:Founder of Prostate 1000 (Prostate Health Awareness)
Experience:Over 20 years in finance and real estate, with roles in notable organizations such as MF Global and ESP Technologies
About Gideon Lang Laddie

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Early Life and Education

Gideon Lang Laddie’s journey began in London, United Kingdom, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Hons) in Finance, General, at the Royal Agricultural University.

During his time at the university, Gideon actively participated in the Student Management Committee and conducted a notable dissertation on the development of futures markets worldwide, with a specific focus on Russia.

Gideon Lang Laddie Net Worth

gideon lang laddie net worth
gideon lang laddie net worth

Gideon Lang Laddie’s net worth is estimated to be $5.7 million, as reported by trusted sources. Gideon Lang Laddie earns his money through roles in finance and real estate.

As the founder of Lima Squared Advisors and an agent at The Agency RE, he makes income from providing strategic insights in finance and real estate investment.

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Professional Career Journey

Gideon Lang Laddie has had a successful career in finance and real estate. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Early Career (1996-2002):
    • Wise Speke Financial Services Limited: Graduate Trainee Stockbroker
    • BNP Paribas: Pan-European Equity Sales Trader (U.K. & Europe, U.S.)
    • HSBC: U.K. Sales Trader (HSBC Midland)
  2. Mid-Career (2003-2016):
    • ESP Technologies: Managing Director, Head of International Equities
    • MF Global: Vice President
    • ICAP: Managing Director (Head of DMA & Cash Equities Desk)
    • Bloomberg LP: Account Manager
    • O2U: Co-Founder
    • Theorem Capital: Director of Sales and Marketing

Entrepreneurial Venture – Lima Squared Advisors

In 2015, Gideon Lang Laddie founded Lima Squared Advisors, a specialized portfolio management company based in Beverly Hills, California. This private equity firm focuses on public and private equity marketing, sales, and sales-trading.

For more information about Lima Squared Advisors and its services, you can visit their website at

Gideon Lang Laddie Parents / Mother

Gideon Lang Laddie hails from a family steeped in legal tradition, with his late father, Sir Hugh Laddie, a distinguished high court judge and professor in London. Sir Hugh’s notable contributions to law were highlighted in his obituary in The Guardian UK after he passed away in 2008 from prostate cancer.

Born into a legal family, Sir Hugh switched from studying medicine at Cambridge to follow in his family’s legal footsteps. At the time of his passing, he left behind his wife, Stecia, two sons – including Gideon, a daughter, and six grandchildren.

After Sir Hugh’s death, Gideon initiated PROSTATE1000 in March 2009, dedicated to prostate health awareness. Gideon’s mother, Stecia, retired from her career, and his siblings include Stecia Laddie from Southampton Medical School and James Laddie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gideon Lang Laddie?

Gideon is a finance and real estate professional, Founder of Lima Squared Advisors, and an Agent at The Agency RE in Beverly Hills.

What is Lima Squared Advisors?

It’s a company in Beverly Hills focusing on public and private equity marketing, sales, and sales-trading.

What’s Gideon’s education?

He has a degree in Finance from the Royal Agricultural University since 1996.

What is PROSTATE1000?

It’s an awareness organization for prostate health founded by Gideon in 2009.

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