Jacob Arabo Net Worth, Wife & Clients

Jacob Arabo Net Worth
Jacob Arabo Net Worth
This article is dedicated to Jacob Arabo Net Worth, Wife & Clients. you will find every info about him in this article. so keep on reading.

Who is Jacob Arabo?

Jacob Arabo, known as “Jacob the Jeweler,” is a prominent jewelry and watchmaker. Born in Uzbekistan in 1965, he moved to the U.S. at 14, where his journey in jewelry began. Jacob founded Jacob & Co. in 1986, known for daring and extravagant designs.

He’s renowned for creations like the Five Time Zone watch collection and the Astronomia Tourbillon.

Jacob faced legal challenges, including money laundering accusations, but continued to make significant contributions to the luxury jewelry industry.

Full NameJacob Arabo
NicknameJacob the Jeweler
Date of BirthDecember 26, 1965
Place of BirthTashkent, Uzbekistan
CareerJewelry and watch designer
CompanyFounder and owner of Jacob & Co.
Notable CreationsFive Time Zone watch collection, Astronomia Tourbillon, custom jewelry
Celebrity ClientsNotorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Madonna, Elton John, and many others
Net WorthEstimated at $52 million
Personal LifeMarried to Angela Arabo, three sons: David, Benjamin, Joey
ResidencyForest Hills, Queens, New York
Legal IssuesFaced legal challenges, served a prison sentence
Real Estate InvestmentsPurchased a Park Avenue condo in NYC
LegacyAn enduring legacy in luxury jewelry and watchmaking
InfluenceRenowned for daring and extravagant designs
ImpactSignificant contributor to the luxury jewelry industry
About Jacob Arabo

Jacob Arabo Net Worth

Jacob Arabo Net Worth
Jacob Arabo Net Worth

Jacob Arabo, commonly referred to as “Jacob the Jeweler,” possesses a substantial net worth, estimated at $52 million.

His financial standing is a reflection of his notable achievements in the world of jewelry and watchmaking, characterized by daring and extravagant designs.

Arabo’s client base includes numerous prominent celebrities, cementing his reputation as a sought-after jeweler.

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Jacob Arabo Wife

Jacob Arabo is married to his wife, Angela Arabo. The couple has been together for an extended period and has three sons: David, Benjamin, and Joey.

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Famous clients of Jacob Arabo

Jacob Arabo, has built a prestigious clientele of famous individuals from various fields, drawn to his distinctive and extravagant jewelry and watch designs. Some of the notable celebrities and prominent figures who have been clients of Jacob Arabo include:

  1. Notorious B.I.G.: The iconic rapper played a pivotal role in popularizing Jacob Arabo’s jewelry and coined his famous moniker, “Jacob the Jeweler.”
  2. Jay-Z: The influential hip-hop artist and entrepreneur has been a longstanding client of Jacob Arabo, frequently showcasing the jeweler’s creations.
  3. Madonna: The “Queen of Pop” has adorned herself with Jacob & Co. jewelry, adding to her distinctive style.
  4. Elton John: The legendary musician and performer has been a patron of Jacob Arabo’s exquisite jewelry pieces.
  5. David and Victoria Beckham: The famous footballer and his fashion-forward wife have been seen wearing jewelry designed by Jacob Arabo.
  6. Jennifer Lopez: The multi-talented entertainer and actress has also been counted among Jacob Arabo’s clients, flaunting his jewelry.
  7. Pharrell Williams: The acclaimed musician and fashion icon has showcased Jacob & Co.’s creations in various public appearances.
  8. Michael Jordan: The basketball legend has been associated with Jacob Arabo’s unique jewelry designs.
  9. Mariah Carey: The celebrated singer and songwriter has been seen wearing Jacob & Co. jewelry on several occasions.
  10. Canelo Álvarez: The world-renowned boxer is another famous figure who has adorned himself with Jacob Arabo’s jewelry pieces.

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Jacob Arabo Early Life

Jacob Arabo’s early life began in Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union. He grew up alongside four sisters. His interest in watches sparked at the age of 13 when his father gifted him a world time watch. In his early years, he worked as a watchmaker.

At the age of 14, Jacob and his family emigrated to New York, where he attended Forest Hills High School. However, at 16, he decided to leave formal education and enrolled in a jewelry-making course that proved transformative for him.

By the age of 17, Jacob had started designing his own watches, marking a significant turning point in his life.

Jacob Arabo Car Collection

Jacob Arabo is well known for his luxury car watches collections. his recently Bugatti Chiron themed watch was making headlines in the major publications. if you are interested in knowing more about his automobile inspired watches let us know in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jacob Arabo’s net worth?

Jacob Arabo’s estimated net worth is around $52 million, reflecting his success in the luxury jewelry industry.

What is Jacob Arabo’s personal life like?

Jacob Arabo is married to his wife, Angela Arabo, and they have three sons. They reside in Forest Hills, Queens, and are known for their commitment to family life.

What real estate investments has Jacob Arabo made?

Jacob Arabo and his wife, Angela, have made significant real estate investments, including the purchase of a condo on Park Avenue in New York City.

How did Jacob Arabo earn his nickname, “Jacob the Jeweler”?

Jacob Arabo’s moniker, “Jacob the Jeweler,” was popularized by the legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G., who was a client and friend of Arabo.

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