UFC Pros React to Charles Oliveira Submitting Dustin Poirier

Here is the complete reactions from MMA fighter on Charles Oliveira Defeating Dustin Poirier

UFC 269 was probably the best combat sport event we have witnessed in 2021.

No one expected Dustin Poirier to lose this, Specially after his run through Conor, Gaethje and Tony.

But we all knew how good is Charles Oliveira on the ground. He did came up with best game plan of playing standing game in early rounds and then go to grappling when Dustin is little tired.

We are pretty much sure that many of you have lost your bets on Amanda and DustinDustin Poirier net worth, Career Earnings & Brand Endorsement. Just to make it better for you, now that Dustin is lost we are 100% sure we are going to see Conor Vs. Poirier 4.


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