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Tom Haviland
Tom Haviland
Tom Haviland is an Aussie weightlifting sensation, standing at 203cm (6'8") and weighing 157kg (346lb).

Who is Tom Haviland?

Who is Tom Haviland?
Who is Tom Haviland?

Tom Haviland is an Aussie weightlifting sensation, standing at 203cm (6’8″) and weighing 157kg (346lb). Famous for his superhuman strength, endorsed by Joe Rogan, Haviland’s unique workouts include lifting truck parts and boulders on his rural property. He keeps a low profile, rarely showing his face, adding an element of mystery.

Influenced by Derek Boyer and Josh Bryant, Haviland, despite recent attention, remains humble.

He’s developed fitness programs like the “Advanced Rucking Program” and “XXL Strength and Size.” Preferring a simple lifestyle, Haviland lets his actions speak for themselves.

Name Tom Haviland
Nationality Australian
Age 37
Height 203cm (6’8″)
Weight 157kg (346lb)
Fame Cult following, particularly endorsed by Joe Rogan
Location Remote property on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Training Style Unconventional workouts involving lifting super-heavy truck parts and boulders on rural property
Attire Typically seen in blue-collar clothing associated with construction workers during training
Online Presence Mysterious persona, rarely revealing face on social media.
About – Tom Haviland

Tom Haviland face? why does Tom Haviland hide his face?

Tom Haviland likes to keep things mysterious on social media by not showing his face much.

In an interview, he said he’s a private person and prefers talking about his workouts rather than his personal life. This choice makes people curious and adds a bit of mystery to his online presence.

Tom Haviland Training Programs

  1. 50 Cubed Strength—The New Program in the 50 Cubed Series’: Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive strength-building program.
  2. 50 Cubed”s Tactical Hypertrophy Program: Geared towards individuals focusing on hypertrophy and tactical fitness.
  3. Advanced Rucking Program by Josh Bryant and Tom Haviland: Suited for those interested in advanced rucking techniques and conditioning.
  4. The Powerbuilding Program: Designed for individuals aiming to combine elements of both powerlifting and bodybuilding for a balanced approach.
  5. XXL Strength and Size: 12-Week Powerlifting Peaking Program: Tailored for those looking to peak in strength for powerlifting competitions.
  6. 7-WEEK ACFT TRAINING PLAN: Intended for individuals preparing for the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).
  7. Bench Press Overload Program: Specifically crafted for those wanting to enhance their bench press strength,.
  8. Tactical Powerlifting Program: Geared towards individuals who want to focus on powerlifting with a tactical fitness approach.

Each program caters to different fitness goals, allowing individuals to choose the one that aligns with their specific objectives and training preferences.

How old is Tom Haviland?

As of Jan 2024, Tom Haviland is reported to be 37 years of old in the age. However, you should note that their is not any official record of his birth available in the public domain. this info is solely based on the the speculations made from his public appearance.

Early Life

In his teens, Tom Haviland got into weight training through his interest in basketball. Under Derek Boyer,

Australia’s Strongest Man, and with guidance from Josh Bryant of Jailhouse Strong, Haviland’s formative years were marked by transformative training, shaping his remarkable journey in strength and powerlifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tom Haviland?

Tom Haviland is an Australian weightlifting sensation known for his extraordinary feats of strength and unique training approach.

How tall and heavy is Tom Haviland?

Tom’s height is 203cm (6’8″) and weighs around 157kg (346lb).

Why does Tom Haviland hide his face?

Tom prefers to maintain a mysterious persona on social media, rarely revealing his face.

Who influenced Tom Haviland’s training journey?

Derek Boyer, 12 times Australia’s Strongest Man, and Josh Bryant of Jailhouse Strong have influenced Tom.

Has Tom Haviland appeared on any podcasts?

Yes, Tom Haviland gained attention from Joe Rogan, who discussed him on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

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