Bobby Green says he is “a wrestler first,” but he chooses to strike for people’s entertainment

islam makhachev vs bobby green full fight video
islam makhachev vs bobby green full fight video
Bobby Green has confidence in his wrestling capability but is determined to throw punches.

Bobby Green, who is stepped up to fight dominant Russian wrestler Islam Makhachev on short notice, has conviction in his wrestling.

For Makhachev, Wrestling is the biggest weapon, and Many fans expect this bout to go in Makhachev’s hand with wrestling dominance.

However, Green believes people have not yet seen his wrestling skills, and that’s why they are underestimating him.

He revealed that he was a wrestler first before starting his striking. Speaking in an interview with TMZ Sports, he explained why he didn’t go with the wrestling approach and chose to strike in a fight.

“You know the first thing is that I’m a wrestler first before I even started striking. People don’t know that. That I am a wrestler before a striker. I just realized that what the public wants to see… they don’t want to see two guys hugging each other, dancing around, you know.”

Bobby Green

Bobby Green thinks wrestling doesn’t seem pleasing for the fans; they are interested in striking more.

“So, I try to give them what they want to see. You have to definitely know what product you’re selling. Everybody’s selling something. But who wants to buy and who doesn’t want to buy. So, a lot of people weren’t buying that product that’s why it took so long for [Makhachev] to get where he’s at.”

Bobby Green

Many people believe Islam Makhachev to win, But bobby Green can surprise them with his striking. Considering the fact that Islam’s only loss was the result of knockout.

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