Chris Rodrigo net worth 2023, Kick Founder, Earning Sources

Chris Rodrigo net worth
Chris Rodrigo net worth
In this article, we will see Chris Rodrigo's net worth in 2023, his earning sources, and his career experience.

Welcome to this article, where we look into the net worth of Chris Rodrigo, the visionary entrepreneur and founder of Kick Stream.

We will also uncover the various sources of his earnings and gain insight into his financial success. So read on to learn more about him.

Chris Rodrigo net worth

Chris Rodrigo net worth
Chris Rodrigo net worth

Chris Rodrigo, the renowned founder of Kick, has an estimated net worth of $15 million. His entrepreneurial endeavors and strategic investments have strongly contributed to his wealth today.

Rodrigo’s success can be attributed to various factors, including his innovative mindset and ability to identify lucrative opportunities. 

As the founder of Kick, a popular social media platform, he has undoubtedly reaped substantial financial rewards from its success. 

About Chris Rodrigo

Chris Rodrigo, originally from the Greater Paris Metropolitan Region, began his journey in life with his early education at Pouldard School. He later went on to pursue a career in the entertainment and hospitality industries, notably as a physiotherapist and public relations (PR) professional.

During his career, Chris Rodrigo worked at prestigious venues such as Le Pacha Club (C-Montana) and Le Palace in Paris. 

These roles likely involved managing guest experiences, ensuring the smooth operation of events, and handling public relations and communication for these renowned establishments. 

Career Highlight

Chris Rodrigo’s career has been marked by a series of noteworthy positions and achievements in the music, entertainment, and promotion industries. Here is an overview of his career:

  • Atoll Music (Club and Radio Promotion Assistant): Chris Rodrigo initiated his career as a Club and Radio Promotion Assistant at Atoll Music. This role likely involved promoting music and artists to clubs and radio stations, helping to create buzz and awareness for their releases.
  • BMG France (Radio Promotion Manager): From 1996 to 1998, Chris served as the Radio Promotion Manager at BMG France. In this capacity, he was responsible for managing and overseeing the promotion of BMG’s music catalog to radio stations in France.
  • BMG France (Promotional Manager): Following his role as Radio Promotion Manager, Chris continued to work at BMG France as a Promotional Manager, where he likely expanded his responsibilities in music promotion.
  • Futuroscope (Head of Promotion): From 2000 to 2002, Chris held the position of Head of Promotion at Futuroscope, a popular amusement park in France. This role might have involved promotional activities and event management for the park.
  • A.S.O. (Head of Promotion): Chris served as the Head of Promotion at A.S.O. from 2002 to 2008. A.S.O., Amaury Sport Organization, is known for organizing major sporting events in France, including the Tour de France. In this role, Chris likely managed promotional campaigns and activities for these events.
  • (founded in October 2015): In 2015, Chris Rodrigo founded, a company offering a range of services, including press relations, promotional development, special event development and management, media partnerships, and PR scouting. This venture reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in the fields of promotion and public relations.


In conclusion, Chris Rodrigo’s journey from a young entrepreneur to the founder of Kick has been nothing short of remarkable. 

His early life, education, and work experience provided him with the foundation and skills necessary to navigate the competitive business world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Chris Rodrigo net worth?

Chris Rodrigo, the renowned founder of Kick, has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Who is Chris Rodrigo?

Chris Rodrigo is an individual with a notable career in the music, entertainment, and promotion industries.

What was Chris Rodrigo’s early career like?

Chris Rodrigo began his career as a Club and Radio Promotion Assistant at Atoll Music, working his way up through various roles in the music industry.

Where did Chris Rodrigo work as a Radio Promotion Manager and Promotional Manager?

Chris Rodrigo served as a Radio Promotion Manager and Promotional Manager at BMG France, where he likely played a key role in promoting music to radio stations.

What is, and when was it founded by Chris Rodrigo?

Chris Rodrigo founded in October 2015. It offers a range of services, including Press Relations, Promotional Development, Special Event Development and Management, Media Partnerships, and PR Scouting.

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