Glove Wrap Net Worth, Shark Tank Appearance & Business Growth

Glove Wrap Net Worth
Glove Wrap Net Worth
Get the perfect pocket in your baseball glove with Glove Wrap™, the revolutionary latex-free solution developed by Jon and Gavin Batarse. Learn about Glove Wrap Net Worth after a Shark Tank appearance and its business growth.

What is Glove Wrap?

What is Glove Wrap?
What is Glove Wrap?

Glove Wrap™, a family business in Southern California, introduces a revolutionary solution for breaking in baseball and softball gloves.

Developed by Jon and Gavin Batarse, Glove Wrap™ is a latex-free, thermoplastic elastomer band precisely crafted to match the thickness, width, and length required to break in and shape your entire baseball glove, crafting the perfect pocket in the process.

Wrapping your glove with Glove Wrap™ applies pressure that effectively reshapes your glove, making it easier to use. This unique, user-friendly approach replaces unconventional methods, offering a latex-free alternative to create the optimal glove fit.

Glove Wrap Net Worth

Glove Wrap Net Worth
Glove Wrap Net Worth

According to the latest report published in Shark Tank, Glove Wrap is estimated to have a net worth of over $0.9 million.

The success of the product, coupled with positive reviews and increased sales, has contributed to its notable financial value.

Additionally, a strategic partnership with investors Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin from Shark Tank Season 15 has further enhanced its financial standing.

Founder Story

Jon Batarse and his son Gavin faced the challenge of breaking in a new baseball glove. They improvised with a piece of rubber, sparking the idea for Glove Wrap. Recognizing the complete lack of a similar product on the market, they transformed their innovative solution into a thriving business.

Jon Batarse, Co-Founder of Glove Wrap™, is a seasoned professional in communications and marketing. Leading Glove Wrap™ since January 2022, Jon brings over four years of experience as the Executive Pastor at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.

With a 12-year tenure as the Director of Communications at the same institution, Jon is well-versed in effective messaging.

Jon is also the founder and creative director of Brander Marketing Agency and has worked as the marketing director at Billabong.

He has a Master’s Degree in Communications from Purdue University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, Law, and Society from UC Irvine. Jon’s diverse experiences and educational background contribute to the success of Glove Wrap.

Shark Tank Appearance

Shark Tank Appearance
Shark Tank Appearance

In Shark Tank season 15 episode 3, Jon and his 8-year-old son Gavin shared their awesome invention called Glove Wrap.

It helps make new baseball and softball gloves comfortable. Gavin, the smart kid, made a stretchy band that fits the glove perfectly, so you can easily break it in by wrapping a baseball with Glove Wrap.

Gavin stated that Glove Wrap is already doing great, selling over 1,000 of them for $19,000 in total. They make each one for $3.99 and sell it for $19.99.

The sharks, Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin, liked the idea a lot. Jon and Gavin sought a $50,000 investment for a 22% equity shares of their business.

Both Jon and Gavin, as well as Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin, were delighted with the agreed-upon deal.

After being on Shark Tank, Glove Wrap got even more popular, and Mark and Michael are helping them out. So, Glove Wrap is on its way to becoming a big hit for baseball and softball players everywhere!

Business Model

Glove Wrap keeps things simple with a direct-to-consumer approach, selling its innovative product in two main places: on its official website and the popular online marketplace, Amazon.

On their official website, customers can easily browse through Glove Wrap’s product details, make purchases, and find additional information about the product.

This strategic move allows the company to tap into Amazon’s extensive customer base and benefit from the trust and familiarity associated with the platform. It’s a dedicated online space where users can learn more and purchase Glove Wrap hassle-free.

Recognizing the widespread reach and convenience of Amazon, Glove Wrap has also chosen to list and sell its products on the giant e-commerce platform.

This strategic move allows the company to tap into Amazon’s extensive customer base and benefit from the trust and familiarity associated with the platform.

Where to buy Glove Wrap?

Glove Wrap is available for purchase through two convenient platforms. You can buy it from their exclusive official website at or from the widely recognized online marketplace, Amazon.

Glove Wrap ensures accessibility for all, whether you prefer the direct experience of buying from Glove Wrap’s dedicated website or the convenience of shopping on Amazon.

Social Media Handles

Yes, like anyother popular brand Glove Wrap do have a social media handles where they regularly post updates about their product updates.

You can follow them on following links:

Future Growth

Glove Wrap’s innovative product design has resulted in a 50% increase in glove durability, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Glove Wrap’s strategic partnerships with renowned investors Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin bring decades of experience in the sports equipment industry, ensuring the potential for growth.

Customers love Glove Wrap! John Smith, a professional baseball player, says, ‘Since using Glove Wrap, my gloves have lasted twice as long, saving me money and improving my performance on the field.

Final Words from author

The success of Glove Wrap serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages. Gavin Batarse’s journey from pitching his invention on Shark Tank to building a multi-million-dollar business showcases the power of determination, innovation, and strategic partnerships.

With its net worth of 0.9 million and a rapidly growing customer base, Glove Wrap is poised for continued success.

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