Kathleen Madigan Net Worth 2024, Family, Tour & Husband

Kathleen Madigan Net Worth
Kathleen Madigan Net Worth
In this post we will see Kathleen Madigan Net Worth 2024, Family, Tour & information about her private life.

Who is Kathleen Madigan?

Kathleen Madigan
Kathleen Madigan

Kathleen Madigan is a famous American comedian from Missouri. Starting in print journalism, she shifted to stand-up comedy with encouragement from her dad.

Known for TV appearances like Last Comic Standing and The Tonight Show, she’s also supported troops and earned awards. With CDs and Netflix specials, Madigan is a respected figure in comedy.

Celebrity NameKathleen Madigan
Birthplace Florissant, Missouri
Family Irish Catholic background; parents Jack (lawyer) and Vicki (nurse)
Education Private Catholic schools, McCluer North High School (graduated in 1983), University of Missouri–St. Louis, B.A. in journalism from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (1988)
Residence Ozarks
What is Kathleen Madigan?

Early Life

Kathleen Madigan, born in Florissant, Missouri, grew up in a big Irish Catholic family. She attended private Catholic schools and later McCluer North High School, graduating in 1983. Despite her small stature, she excelled in sports, setting basketball records.

After a brief stint at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, she earned a journalism degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 1988. Madigan’s journey from a Missouri upbringing to a successful career in comedy was inspired by her father and marked by her unique path to stand-up fame.

Kathleen Madigan Net Worth

Kathleen Madigan Net Worth
Kathleen Madigan Net Worth

Kathleen Madigan’s net worth is approximately $10.2 million. She earns money through stand-up comedy, television appearances, and media ventures.

Her income sources include ticket sales for live shows, fees from TV appearances, royalties from CDs and DVDs, and her podcast, “Madigan’s Pubcast.”

With her versatile career, Madigan has built financial success through her comedic talent and various entertainment endeavors.

TV Show Appearance

Kathleen Madigan, known for her sharp humor, has left a lasting impact on several U.S. TV shows with her engaging and relatable performances.

1. Last Comic Standing: Madigan displayed her stand-up skills on the reality competition “Last Comic Standing,” charming judges and audiences alike.

2. I Love the 90s: Part Deux: Adding her humorous touch to nostalgia, Madigan contributed wit to the pop culture retrospective “I Love the 90s: Part Deux.”

3. Celebrity Poker Showdown: Stepping into the game show realm, Madigan participated in “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” showcasing her charisma even in a competitive setting.

4. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Frequenting “The Tonight Show,” Madigan delighted a broad late-night audience with her comedic observations and banter.

5. Late Night with Conan O’Brien: A regular on “Late Night,” Madigan’s dynamic presence added humor to the show’s late-night banter.

6. Late Show with David Letterman: Making her mark on the “Late Show,” Madigan’s comedic prowess and charm shone in the late-night talk show setting.

7. The Bob and Tom Show: Engaging a radio audience on “The Bob and Tom Show,” Madigan brought her humor to the airwaves, connecting with listeners.


Kathleen Madigan is not married and resides in the Ozarks. She owns a farm in the Midwest, where she dedicates a significant amount of time to be with her family. She has four brothers and two sisters, underscoring the importance of family in her life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kathleen Madigan?

Kathleen Madigan is an American stand-up comedian and TV personality known for her sharp wit and humorous observations. Born in Florissant, Missouri, she has gained acclaim for her work in stand-up comedy, television, and various media ventures.

What is Kathleen Madigan’s net worth?

As of the latest reports, Kathleen Madigan’s net worth is approximately $10.2 million. She made most of her money from stand-up comedy, television, and other entertainment ventures.

What are some notable TV shows Kathleen Madigan has appeared on?

Kathleen Madigan has been a guest on various U.S. television programs, including “Last Comic Standing,” “I Love the 90s: Part Deux,” “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” and “The Late Show with David Letterman,” among others.

Has Kathleen Madigan received any awards for her comedy?

Yes, in 1996, Kathleen Madigan won the “Funniest Female Stand-Up Comic” award at the American Comedy Awards, a recognition of her comedic excellence.

Does Kathleen Madigan have a podcast?

Yes, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kathleen Madigan launched her own comedy podcast titled “Madigan’s Pubcast” in August 2020.

Is Kathleen Madigan currently single?

Yes, Kathleen Madigan is single. She resides in the Ozarks and values spending time with her extensive family.

Where does Kathleen Madigan reside?

Kathleen Madigan resides in the Ozarks, and she has expressed her fondness for spending time on her farm in the Midwest.

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