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Michael Bisping Shares Story of his eye going off

michael bisping eye injury story

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on MMA Hour, Michael Bisping has shared a story of his eye going off.

“I got glaucoma and the glaucoma was the worst day of my life. i felt so bad, it was heavy pain and if you touch your eyeball it is wet. there is always some kind of water going out and the galucoma is blockage of the draining in the eye. Said by Michael Bisping

He further explained this situation “if you imagine baloon and water on the top, what’s gonna happen is eventually baloons gonna pop. that’s what happened with my eye one day.”

Then he continued by saying “I went to four different hospitals that day, they shot laser into my eye to drain some water, this went on for few days and then one day at 3 o’clock in the morning, i went for the emergency surgery and i was haling my head off, the pain was so bad and then they injected huge needle into my eye and it take out the pain for 25 minutes. and they did a surgery where they’ve put drain into my eye. but when i came out from surgery they kind of misplaced the drain and my eye got mangled up and i came back on operating table and then put another needle in the eye and i blacked out the next day & i never saw anything out of that eye again.”

Holy Crap! Helwani Said.

That’s a quite heartbreaking story we’ve heard from michael bisping. Who is currently doing successful tours of his Standups, Youtube podcasts and UFC commentary.

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