Moses The Jeweler Net Worth

moses the jeweler net worth
moses the jeweler net worth
In this post we will look into Moses The Jeweler Net Worth and the man behind this celebrity jewelry brand.

What is Moses The Jeweler?

Moses The Jeweler, who’s real name is Omri Moses. he makes luxury jeweler and sell them at premium costs. He markets watches, fine jewelry, eclectic jewelry and merch.

He studied bachelor of arts from new jersey city university, specialized in sales and marketing operations. his education background has helped him to build his impressive company moses the jeweler.

What is Moses The Jeweler Net Worth?

moses the jeweler net worth
moses the jeweler net worth

As per various trusted sources, Moses The Jeweler Net Worth is reported to be around $2.4 million. he made most of his wealth from selling expensive jewelry.

He also make money from his youtube channel (Moses The Jeweler) which has more than 247K subscribers.

How did Moses The Jeweler started?

Moses used to work in pawn shop where he gathered interest in exotic jewelry. his studies of sales and marketing helped him come up with idea and build such an successful brand.

Is Moses the Jeweler Jewish or Muslim?

Moses the Jeweler is a Jewish, his parents migrated from the Egypt and then come to the united states.

We do not have any info what his current religious status.

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