Minus Cal Net Worth, Business, Shark Tan Appearance & Founders

minus cal net worth
minus cal net worth
In this article, you will find Minus Cal Net Worth, Business, Shark Tan Appearance, and Founders story. So, keep reading to learn more about it.

What is Minus Cal Health Bars?

What is Minus Cal Health Bars?
What is Minus Cal Health Bars?

Entrepreneurs Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael created the protein bars known as MinusCal Health Bars, which they pitched on Shark Tank Season 11.

The bars claimed to aid weight loss by blocking fat absorption, using an ingredient called choleve from fermented green tea.

Offered in flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, and apple cinnamon, the product also included supplements to reduce cholesterol.

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Minus Cal Net Worth

minus cal net worth
minus cal net worth

As of 2023, Minus Cal’s net worth is reported to be $0. The business faced financial challenges, leading to bankruptcy, and its appearance on Shark Tank Season 11 did not result in any funding.

The lack of investment from the Sharks, coupled with negative reviews and operational difficulties, contributed to Minus Cal’s ultimate closure and financial downfall.

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Minus Cal Shark Tank update

During their appearance on Shark Tank Season 11, Episode 1, entrepreneurs Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael presented Minus Cal, a product line consisting of protein bars and supplements aimed at promoting weight loss by blocking fat absorption.

The key ingredient in their bars was Choleve, derived from fermented green tea.

However, the pitch faced skepticism and challenges from the Sharks, particularly Mark Cuban.

Mark questioned the effectiveness of the product and expressed concerns about the entrepreneurs’ claims, deeming them misleading.

The pitch took a negative turn as conflicting answers and a lack of clear business details emerged during the questioning.

Despite seeking a $500,000 investment for a 20% equity stake in their business, none of the Sharks chose to invest in Minus Cal.

The reasons for rejection included doubts about the product’s efficacy, concerns about business transparency, and disagreements over the weight-loss claims made by the entrepreneurs.

The episode highlighted the challenges faced by Minus Cal on the show, ultimately leading to the business going out of business post-Shark Tank.

Negative reviews and criticisms further contributed to the downfall of the business.

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Business Model

Minus Cal operated in the weight loss market, offering protein bars and supplements, featuring the key ingredient Choleve from fermented green tea, claimed to block fat absorption. Revenue came from direct sales through various channels.

Is Minus Cal still in business?

Following the closure of Minus Cal, their products have been discontinued and are no longer available on the market. Despite making an appearance on Shark Tank, the exposure gained from the reality TV show did not translate into a positive outcome for the company.

Unfortunately, the challenges faced by Minus Cal led to the discontinuation of their products, marking the end of their presence in the marketplace.

Does Minus Cal work?

We did not find any evidences about how Minus Cal work to stop absorption of fats. making it a doubtful product which might not work.

Even manufacturer did not provided the scientific literatures which also raised questions from the sharks and general audience.

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Final Words

In this article we have seen a story of one of the failed company that appeared on the shark tank. there are many things to learn from it but one thing that i would like to mention here is that do not launch a product with proven efficacy and product acceptances. which i felt lacking in the Minus Cal’s products.

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