Pie wine net worth, Shark tank appearance & Business

Pie wine net worth
Pie wine net worth
PIE Wine, founded in 2022 by Kevin Klein and Josh Green, offers an innovative canned alcoholic beverage designed to pair perfectly with pizza. Learn about the company's success including its Shark Tank appearance and net worth

What is PIE Wine business?

What is PIE Wine business?
What is PIE Wine business?

PIE Wine, established in 2022, is the world’s first wine crafted specifically to complement pizza. Founded by Kevin Klein and Josh Green, this relatively new venture has introduced a unique canned alcoholic beverage.

Offering flavors like Red, Sweet Za, and Crisp White in 4-packs for $20 or 12-packs for $60, the company caters to consumers seeking a distinctive beverage experience.

Pie Wine’s Net Worth

Pie wine net worth
Pie wine net worth

Determining the net worth of a company can be challenging, especially for a relatively new venture like Pie Wine. While specific figures are not readily available, it is estimated that Pie Wine’s net worth currently stands at around $1 million.

Business Model

Pie Wine’s business model revolves around producing and distributing its canned wine product to various retail outlets, including grocery stores, liquor stores, and online platforms.

The convenience of the canned format allows for easy transportation and consumption, making it an attractive option for wine enthusiasts on the go.

Furthermore, Pie Wine has strategically positioned itself as a brand that caters to pizza lovers. By targeting this specific niche, the company has carved out a unique market segment for itself.

Shark Tank Appearance

Pie wine Shark Tank Appearance
Pie wine Shark Tank Appearance

Kevin and Josh, the creators of PIE Wine, went on Shark Tank Season 15 to get an investment for their canned sweet wine that pairs well with pizza.

They wanted $200,000 for a 7.5% share of their business but didn’t get a deal from any of the sharks.

Although the sharks didn’t bite, Kevin and Josh revealed they had put over $300,000 of their money into PIE Wine.

They were open about production costs, aiming to reduce the cost of each can from $1.50 to $1.25 as they produce more. They planned to sell each can to distributors for $3.25.

Sharks like Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban liked the product but had conflicts of interest. Daymond John and Lori Greiner didn’t see how they could add value, and Candace Nelson found PIE Wine too niche for her. Even Josh’s offer to buy out the sharks after a year didn’t change their minds.

Now, Kevin and Josh are determined to make PIE Wine a success, even without the sharks’ help. The update on PIE Wine, however, doesn’t have much information about sales or whether the wine is in stores.

But you can buy PIE wine on their website. They offer Red, Sweet Za, and Crisp White in 4-packs for $20 and 12-packs for $60.

The catch is that there might be a delay in shipping because, at the moment, they seem to be taking pre-sale orders.


The founders of PIE Wine are Kevin Klein and Josh Green. They brought their canned sweet wine, designed to pair perfectly with pizza, to the Shark Tank in Season 15.

Despite not securing a deal, Kevin and Josh remain committed to the success of PIE Wine, investing significant personal funds into the venture.

Kevin, a morning radio host on K-Rock in Los Angeles, and Josh, with a background in investment banking and ownership of a major computer gaming company, bring diverse skills to their entrepreneurial journey.

Social media handles

PIE Wine has various social media handles, this can be found at following links:

We highly recommend you to follow them on this social platforms to be aware about what their current business status is.

Where to buy PIE wine?

You can purchase PIE Wine from various supermarkets, but we recommend buying it directly from their official website.

This ensures a convenient and direct transaction, allowing you to explore their selection of Red, Sweet Za, and Crisp White options available in 4-packs for $20 and 12-packs for $60.

Author’s thought

Pie Wine’s appearance on Shark Tank catapulted its growth and success in the market. With an estimated net worth of $1 million and a unique business model focused on direct-to-consumer sales and strategic partnerships, Pie Wine has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the canned wine industry.

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