Return Home net worth, Shark Tank Appearance & Business Model

Return Home net worth
Return Home net worth
Return Home is an innovative green funeral home specializing in human composting and featured on Shark Tank. Learn more about the company, its founders, and their unique Terramation service with Return Home net worth.

What is Return Home business?

What is Return Home business?
What is Return Home business?

Return Home is a green funeral home specializing in human composting. Founded by Micha Truman and Katey Houstonno, the company’s unique service, Terramation, involves gently transforming human remains into rich, fertile soil within a span of 60–90 days.

Priced at $5,500, Terramation not only offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial methods but also aims to make end-of-life services more accessible.

Return Home net worth

Return Home net worth
Return Home net worth

Return Home entered the Shark Tank seeking a $2 million investment for 5% equity at a $40 million valuation.

The founders, Micha Truman and Katey Houston, explained their company’s business model of transforming human bodies into “soils” through a process called terramation.

This innovative approach to handling the remains struck a chord with the sharks, who were intrigued by the potential impact of Return Home’s mission.

However, the proposed valuation proved to be a stumbling block for the sharks. The $40 million valuation was deemed unrealistic, and Truman’s request of $2 million for a mere 5% equity was met with skepticism.

Founder Story

Founder Story
Founder Story

The founders of Return Home, Micha Truman and Katey Houston, have a deep-rooted passion for changing the way society approaches end-of-life services.

Their journey began with a shared vision to provide a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial and cremation methods.

Truman and Houstonno recognized the environmental impact of traditional burial practices, which often involve embalming chemicals and non-biodegradable caskets.

They sought to create a solution that would not only honor the deceased but also contribute positively to the planet. This led them to develop the concept of terramation, a process that converts human remains into nutrient-rich soil.

Business Model

Return Home’s business model centers around offering families an alternative option for handling the remains of their loved ones.

Through terramation, they provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial and cremation methods.

By transforming human bodies into soil, Return Home aims to create a lasting legacy for individuals while also benefiting the environment.

The company offers a range of services, including personalized memorial ceremonies and the option to plant a tree or create a memorial garden using the soil generated through terramation.

Return Home also provides families with the opportunity to contribute to reforestation efforts and leave a positive impact on the planet.

Shark Tank Appearance

return home shark tank
return home shark tank

Entrepreneurs Micha Truman and Katey Houstonno entered the Shark Tank seeking a $2 million investment for a 5% equity stake in their burial and cremation alternative company, Return Home.

The unique aspect of their business lies in the process they call terramation. It gently transforms human remains into nutrient-rich soil within 60–90 days, providing a more sustainable end-of-life service. The service is priced at $5,500.

Driven by environmental concerns related to traditional burial practices, the founders aimed to introduce an eco-friendly option to the funeral market.

Katey, with her background as a funeral director, and Micha, who ran The Knot in China for two decades, shared their passion for creating a business that makes a positive impact on the world.

Despite impressive sales figures—$350,000 in the year before filming and a matching amount by the second quarter of the filming year—the sharks were skeptical.

Return Home had also raised $5 million, but their $40 million valuation raised eyebrows, especially from Kevin O’Leary.

The sharks were frustrated with the company’s decision to keep the service cost at $5,500, given the higher pricing standards. Kevin, in particular, was perturbed by the refusal to increase the price, which led him to opt out.

Mark Cuban, Daniel Lubetzky, Daymond John, and Lori Greiner also decided to opt out, citing concerns about the valuation. Lori humorously suggested a ‘valuation evaluation’ as she exited.

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Return Home’s journey on Shark Tank may not have ended with a deal, but it has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on viewers and the sharks alike.

The founders’ passion for their mission, coupled with their innovative business model, has positioned Return Home as a disruptor in the funeral industry.

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