The Fidget Game For Reading Literacy Net Worth, Shark Tank Appearance

The Fidget Game For Reading Literacy Net Worth
The Fidget Game For Reading Literacy Net Worth
The Fidget Game for Reading Literacy: A fun and educational game to improve reading and literacy skills, as seen on Shark Tank Improve your net worth with The Fidget Game! Find out The Fidget Game for Reading Literacy Net Worth and their shark tank appearance.

In today’s digital age, finding innovative and engaging ways to teach children essential skills like reading can be a challenge. However, one entrepreneur has taken on this task and created a game that aims to make reading literacy fun and accessible for young learners.

The Fidget Game, developed by a dedicated kindergarten teacher, is designed to teach curriculum-appropriate Dolch words or sight words from Pre-K to Grade 3 kids.

This article will explore the net worth of The Fidget Game, its success on the popular television show Shark Tank, and how it is revolutionizing reading education.

What is Fidget Game for Reading Literacy?

The Fidget Game for Reading Literacy is a unique and educational product that helps children improve their reading skills in a fun and engaging way.

It includes word games like Word Pop and Sight Word Edition, which not only teach reading but also enhance cognitive abilities.

Created by a passionate teacher, this game aims to address the concern of children reading below grade level.

What is Fidget Game for Reading Literacy?

The Fidget Game For Reading Literacy Net Worth

The Fidget Game For Reading Literacy Net Worth
The Fidget Game For Reading Literacy Net Worth

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, The Fidget Game has experienced significant growth and success. The game’s net worth is estimated to be around $3.7 million.

This impressive valuation reflects the game’s popularity and effectiveness in teaching reading literacy to young children.

With its engaging gameplay and curriculum-aligned content, The Fidget Game has proven to be a valuable tool for parents and educators alike. 

Shark Tank Appearance

Shark Tank Appearance
Shark Tank Appearance

Brandi Dugal, founder of “The Fidget Game,” appeared on Shark Tank seeking a partnership to expand her educational product.

She requested a $500,000 investment for a 10% stake in her company, which uses a unique approach to teach children how to read.

Final Deal

Barbara Corcoran invested $500,000 in The Fidget Game on Shark Tank in exchange for a 15% equity stake.

Since then, the company’s net worth has reached $3.7 million, highlighting its success in helping children with their educational needs.

Founder of Fidget Game

Brandi, CEO and owner of The Fidget Game, is a certified teacher with a Master of Education in MEd Primary/Jr K-6 from the University of Windsor.

Her educational journey began with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, followed by a Master of Education, both with honors, from reputable Canadian colleges.

Brandi has additional certifications in Reading Specialist K-6, ESL Specialist, Science of Teaching Reading, and Social-Emotional Learning Specialist. Her qualifications showcase her dedication to diverse student needs and holistic education.

Where to buy & how much does it cost?

The Fidget Game collection, featuring games like Word Pop and a sight word game, is available for purchase on the official website at $29.95 USD each.

Designed for pre-kindergarten to fourth grade, these games offer a diverse learning experience.

Business Growth

Since its start, The Fidget Game, led by founder Brandi Dugal, has rapidly expanded its impact globally. With a mission to make education a universal right, the company’s products are now in 50,000 schools worldwide.

Beyond commercial success, The Fidget Game donates educational games to schools in need, emphasizing accessibility for all.

The brand’s focus on multi-sensory and game-based learning has proven effective, facilitating faster learning and improved knowledge retention.

In addition to product distribution, The Fidget Game collaborates with schools to create valuable learning resources, contributing to a more inclusive and impactful educational landscape.

Social Media Handles

The Fidget Games is available and regularly post on their social media handles. we strongly recommend you to follow them there to get latest updates and discounts on their products. following are their social media handles:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Final Thoughts on Fidget Game

The fidget game has emerged as a revolutionary tool for teaching reading literacy, combining the benefits of fidgeting with educational activities to create an engaging and effective learning experience.

Its appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent deal with Barbara Corcoran have propelled the game’s growth and brought it into the spotlight.

With its ability to accelerate learning and make education more accessible, The Fidget Game has the potential to transform reading instruction for children across the country.

As Brandi Dugal continues to expand the game’s reach, we can expect to see even greater advancements in reading literacy and educational innovation.

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