UFC veteran Sam Alvey trashes ‘Clown’ Jake Paul for his Phony fighter-pay interest

UFC middleweight veteran Sam Alvey has questioned Jake Paul's fighter pay interest.

UFC middleweight veteran Sam Alvey has questioned Jake Paul’s fighter pay interest.

He believes Jake Paul is faking his interest in the fighter pay movement, and he is trying to switch people’s narrative against him by playing a good guy role.

Paul has been criticizing UFC President Dana White for months now. Recently, he also released a diss track on Dana White.

He has also challenged Dana for a one-fight deal to fight in the UFC if White raises fighter pay and provides better healthcare.

During a recent interview with Full Mount MMA, Alvey discussed why he assumes Paul’s stance on better fighter pay isn’t genuine.

“Jake Paul is a clown, and he is not trying to help fighter pay. He is trying to help himself; every fight sells when you either want to see somebody win or see somebody get knocked out.”

Alvey Said

He further added, “Jake Paul has figured out that everyone wants to see him get knocked out, so he wants to try and switch that narrative… and so he goes after the low-hanging fruit that sounds great to everyone, ‘pay fighters more’… If UFC, Dana White, any of those guys were to do what Jake Paul is asking, he wouldn’t get us paid more; he would eliminate the roster of the UFC. We would go from a roster of what 800 to down to 75.”

Jake Paul had a great year in 2021, where he defeated 5x UFC champion Tyron Woodley twice and former Bellator champion Ben Askren.

Jake Paul has been continuously criticizing UFC for their fighter pay and healthcare service. But still fighters like Sam Alvey don’t believe him on his stance.

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