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Henry Cejudo Wants to Slay Alexander the Average Next

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Tripple C Henry Cejudo has once again targeted Alexander Volkanovski in his recent tweet.

Former UFC bantamweight and flyweight champ Henry Cejudo is willing to step back into the ring to face current featherweight champ Alexander Volkanovski.

After winning Olympic gold in 2008, Then winning bantamweight gold in 2019 and winning flyweight gold in 2020. Now, Cejudo has his eyes set on featherweight gold.

No one in the history of UFC has won 3 division championships but cejudo thinks winning three titles will make him one of the greatest fighter of all time.

In his recent tweet cejudo said

“The next goat to slay! ???? ????

Demetrious”might rat” Johnson ✅

T.J Eposhaw ✅

Dominic “The booze” Cruz ✅

Pending Alexander The Average


Cejudo last competed in may 2020 where he defeated Dominick Cruz in round 2 by TKO. Currently he is not in the best shape in which he used to be that’s why he believes coming to the featherweight will be easy for him.

Henry Cejudo also believes that his matchup with Alexander Volkanovski suits better as there is only 2 inches height difference in them.

I’ve been called son of gold, I’ve been called snake catcher, I’ve been called the mouse trap, I’ve been called the greatest combat athlete of all time But I’ve been called C4

Henry Cejudo Via SCHMO interview
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