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Home » Gilbert Burns wants Nate or Nick Diaz next, Offers no takedown fight clause

Gilbert Burns wants Nate or Nick Diaz next, Offers no takedown fight clause

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After his recent fight with Khamzat Chimaev, Gilbert Burns is looking for big fights now.

Gilbert Burns wants some respect to be placed on his name now; He believes he belongs at the top of the food chain and wants to fight some big names next.

Burns is also aware that he might not be getting another title shot anytime soon; he needs to get some impressive victories before talking about another title shot.

“I don’t need to give another opportunity to another up-and-coming guy. I need a big fight. I need a couple guys. I know I’m gonna have a long way up to the title. I’m gonna need two or three impressive wins. I’m okay with that,”

Gilbert Burns

Speaking to TMZ sports, Gilbert Burns has called out some big names like Nick and Nate Diaz or Jorge Masvidal.

“Now I want a big fight. I know Nate Diaz needs an opponent. I think that will be a crazy fight. I can put in the contract, ‘No takedowns attempted, just standup…’ I love that fight. Nate, maybe Nick, maybe Masvidal. Right now, I’m just gonna focus on my recovery.”

Gilbert Burns

Nate Diaz has been waiting for UFC to finalize his next bout for the last half-year. It was also rumoured that he might fight Dustin Poirier Next, but it seems clear that they are doing McGregor/Diaz trilogy bout.

Burns’ suggestion to Diaz fight of a no takedown condition is mostly to taunt Diaz for his weak takedown defence and is just a publicity stunt because UFC will never do such a thing.

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