Tarik Cohen Net Worth 2023, Stats, Injury & Contract

Tarik Cohen Net Worth
Tarik Cohen Net Worth
Tarik Cohen net worth is around $3 million, he has made most of his net worth from his NFL career with Chicago Bears.

Tarik Cohen, also known as the “Human Joystick”, has been making waves in the NFL since his debut in 2017. As a dynamic running back and return specialist for the Chicago Bears, Cohen has proven a valuable asset to the team. With his impressive speed, agility, and versatility on the field, fans have eagerly anticipated what Cohen’s future holds.

This article will look closer at Tarik Cohen’s net worth in 2023, his stats, injury history, and contract, giving NFL fans a comprehensive understanding of this rising star’s career trajectory.

Tarik Cohen Net Worth

Tarik Cohen Net Worth
Tarik Cohen Net Worth

Tarik Cohen Net Worth – Tarik is a professional American football player who runs back for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL). The Bears drafted him in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and he quickly made a name for himself as an explosive and versatile player. As of 2023, Tarik Cohen’s net worth is around $13 million.

Cohen’s career in the NFL has been marked by his ability to make big plays on offense and special teams. He has been named to the Pro Bowl and has earned recognition as one of the best running backs in the league.

This success has translated into significant financial rewards, including a four-year contract extension with the Bears worth $17.25 million in 2018.

Off the field, Cohen has also been active in various charitable causes. He has used his platform as an athlete to support education, youth development, and social justice initiatives. In 2020, he was awarded the Bears’ Ed Block Courage Award for his contributions on and off the field.

Overall, Tarik Cohen’s net worth reflects his success as a professional athlete and his commitment to positively impacting his community.

Tarik Cohen Stats

Tarik Cohen is a talented National Football League (NFL) running back currently playing for the Chicago Bears. The Bears drafted him in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and has since established himself as a dynamic playmaker on the field.

In his rookie season, Cohen had 370 rushing yards and 353 receiving yards, earning him a spot on the NFL All-Rookie Team.

Cohen’s stats continued to impress in his second season, with 444 rushing yards and 725 receiving yards. He also had five touchdowns and was named to the Pro Bowl as a return specialist. In 2019, he recorded 213 rushing yards and 456 receiving yards, and three touchdowns.

Cohen’s stats demonstrate his versatility as a player, with his ability to contribute both as a runner and receiver and on special teams. He is known for his speed, agility, and elusiveness on the field, making him a difficult player for opponents to tackle.

With his strong performances in his first few seasons, Cohen has become an important part of the Bears’ offense and a fan favorite.

Player NameTarik Cohen
Tarik Cohen Net Worth$13 million
Date of BirthJuly 26, 1995 (age 27)
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight191 lb (87 kg)
TeamChicago Bears (2017–2021)
About Tarik Cohen Net Worth

Tarik Cohen Injury

Tarik Cohen, the running back for the Chicago Bears, suffered a devastating injury during the 2020 NFL season. Cohen tore his ACL in a game against the Atlanta Falcons in September and was subsequently placed on injured reserve, effectively ending his season.

The injury was a major blow for both Cohen and the Bears, as he was a key player on the team and a fan favorite. Despite the setback, Cohen has remained positive and focused on his recovery.

He has been working hard to rehab his injury and updating fans on his progress through social media. While it remains to be seen how long it will take for Cohen to fully recover from his injury, there is no doubt that he will be missed on the field.

The Bears must find a way to fill the void left by Cohen’s absence and continue to compete at a high level.

Tarik Cohen Contract

Tarik Cohen, a running back for the Chicago Bears, signed a three-year contract extension in 2018 worth $17.25 million, with $9.533 million guaranteed. The extension came after a strong 2017 season where Cohen established himself as an important player in the Bears’ offense.

The contract extension was seen as a smart move by the Bears, as Cohen’s versatility and explosiveness make him a valuable asset both as a running back and as a receiver out of the backfield.

The contract also reflects the growing importance of running backs who can contribute to the passing game as the NFL becomes increasingly reliant on quick passes and screenplays.

Overall, the Tarik Cohen contract is seen as a win for both the player and the team, as Cohen gets rewarded for his hard work, and the Bears secure a dynamic playmaker for years to come.

Awards & Accomplishments

Tarik Cohen is an accomplished football player with numerous awards and accolades. He began his football journey in high school, where he was a standout running back and defensive back for Bunn High School in North Carolina. From there, he played college football at North Carolina A&T State University, setting several records and earning numerous awards.

During his college career, Cohen was a three-time All-MEAC First Team selection and was named the MEAC Offensive Player of the Year twice. He also set school records for rushing yards, all-purpose yards, and touchdowns.

The Chicago Bears drafted Cohen in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. In his rookie season, he proved a valuable asset to the team, earning a spot on the Pro Football Writers of America All-Rookie Team. He also set a Bears record for most receptions by a rookie running back with 53 catches.

2018 Cohen continued to impress, earning a spot on the NFC Pro Bowl team as a return specialist. He also became the first player in Bears history to record at least 500 yards rushing and receiving in a single season.

Overall, Tarik Cohen’s awards and accomplishments showcase his exceptional talent and hard work on the football field. His future in football looks bright, and fans are excited to see what he will achieve in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tarik Cohen is a well-known football player who has gained a significant following throughout his career. Here are some frequently asked questions about him:

How much is Tarik Cohen’s net worth?

Tarik Cohen’s net worth is around $13 million, he has made most of his net worth from his NFL career with Chicago Bears.

What team does Tarik Cohen play for?

Tarik Cohen plays for the Chicago Bears as a running back.

What is Tarik Cohen’s height?

Tarik Cohen is 5’6” tall.

What is Tarik Cohen’s role on the field?

Tarik Cohen is primarily a running back but has also been used as a receiver and kick returner.

Where did Tarik Cohen go to college?

Tarik Cohen attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

What awards has Tarik Cohen won?

Tarik Cohen has been named to the Pro Bowl and has won the Black College Football Player of the Year award.

What is Tarik Cohen’s playing style?

Tarik Cohen is known for his speed and agility, making him a difficult player to tackle on the field.

What is Tarik Cohen’s net worth?

As of 2021, Tarik Cohen’s net worth is around $3 million.

Does Tarik Cohen have any endorsements?

Yes, Tarik Cohen has endorsement deals with companies like Nike and Beats by Dre.

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