CM Punk predicts Conor McGregor will enter pro wrestling

AEW Superstar CM Punk believes Conor McGregor can make a good amount of money in pro wrestling.

In the past many years, we have seen some of the most significant crossovers from professional wrestling into UFC and vice in reverse. C.M. Punk as well as Ronda Rousey are two of the famous names that have had a go at MMA or sports events.

When speaking to ESPN SportsNation, CM Punk claimed that Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey were “excellent” in transitioning from other combat sports.

“Mayweather crossed over and did a match at WrestleMania, I’m sure we’re eventually going to see McGregor come over,” CM Punk said. “Rousey was excellent when she came over. The bottom line is making money. If you’re making money, you’re technically not doing anything wrong.”

CM Punk

CM Punk believes that if you are making money out of it, there is nothing wrong with doing that. Especially after considering how he trash-talked many pro wrestlers back in the day.

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