Conor Mcgregor and Henry Cejudo are taking shots at each other on Twitter, and it’s getting heated

Henry Cejudo and Conor McGregor are trash-talking each other on Twitter.

Conor McGregor and Henry Cejudo were seen taking shots at each other over Twitter.

It all started when Henry Cejudo responded to Dana White denying him the opportunity to fight Alexander Volkanovski to earn his fourth gold.

Cejudo questioned Dana’s response by stating facts like how GSP was given a direct title shot against Michael Bisping and how Conor gets Dana White privilege.

This Morning Conor took it to Twitter to slam Henry Cejudo for his comments. Conor wrote on twitter, “Henry cejuda is a little fart.”

Without wasting a minute, Henry Cejudo was sharp to respond to Conor’s criticism. He shared a picture of Conor McGregor getting tapped out by Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Henry Cejudo has been calling out Alexander Volkonovski for months now, But Dana White and the company don’t seem interested in giving him a title shot.

Henry Cejudo also fired back at Dana White in one of his recent tweets. He wrote “I told @AliAbdelaziz00 “make this fight happen”. This isn’t a GSP situation, I’d defend the belt. The UFC & Dana White don’t want to give me a chance to make history. Dana is scared. It’s a monopoly”

We believe Cejudo should be given a chance to fight Alexander Volkanovski because he retired on top with two UFC belts.

We understand that many fighters are waiting in the featherweight division to get a shot against Volkanovski. But still, if you make an exception for GSP or Conor, you should give some privilege to Henry Cejudo.

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