Dana White Provide Update On Conor McGregor’s Return

UFC President Dana White talks about potential timeline for Conor McGregor's return in UFC.

Dana White is optimistic that Conor McGregor will certainly return to the octagon by this summertime.

Speaking in his recent interview with TMZ Sports, Dana provided update on potential timeline for Conor’s much anticipated comeback.

“I think McGregor does fight in 2022. He’s doing all the right things with his leg. I’m hoping he can come back this summer.”

Dana White

Conor was last fought Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July, Where he broke his leg in very first round of their fight.

Potential Opponents For Conor’s Comeback

1.Nate Diaz

Undoubtedly, Conor Vs. Diaz is the biggest rivalry in the UFC. With Nate not showing interest in adding a fight on his contract it’s almost certain that Conor Vs. Diaz will be next for their fans.

2.Dustin Poirier

Conor will surely look forward to avenge his previous two losses against Dustin Poirier.

But it will be too risky for him, if he losses for third time in a row then he might lose his stardom.

3.Tony Ferguson

Apart from Poirier and Diaz, Tony will be an interesting opponent for Conor’s return.

Considering the trash talk done in the past, It will be undoubtedly entertaining match-up for mma fans.

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